Southaven Church of Christ

The Southaven Church of Christ started in the Tri-State Auction Barn in June of 1965 and remained there for 15 months. During that period, a small congregation grew and gathered every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening, until the Brookhaven Drive building was completed in September 1966.

An education annex was added to the auditorium in 1974. When a larger auditorium was needed in 1986, the original space became a social hall and home to classrooms. God continues to bless His church with more believers and the means to share His Word.

southaven church of christ

About Us

The members of the Southaven Church of Christ are Christians. We are not part of any denomination, nor do we identify as non-denominational. We are an autonomous, locally-governed congregation overseen by elders. Our elders are assisted by deacons, all answering to the only head of the church, Jesus Christ.

The care of our congregation by elders, like a shepherd and his flock, mirrors God’s desires for His church.

Our elders and deacons are qualified per the Bible’s teachings, which ask them to “keep hold of the deep truths of the Faith” and “hold firmly to the trustworthy message as it has been taught” (1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1).

Our New Testament teaching neither adds nor takes anything from God’s Holy Word. Our purpose is to follow the Bible’s teachings and the church that Christ established in the first-century.


Our Outreach Efforts

The Gospel Broadcasting Network (GBN) is overseen by the Southaven Church of Christ in Southaven, Mississippi. We accomplish our purpose of spreading the Gospel truth to congregations everywhere in various ways. Through GBN we provide believers and prospective believers access to God’s Word.

Many tune into online sermons produced by various congregations of the church of Christ. Some thrive in their spiritual walk by taking advantage of the church of Christ’s live streams and online sermons. Others prefer to access the Bible Correspondence Courses through GBN. We work closely with organizations such as Apologetics Press and World Video Bible School.


Our Missions

The Southaven Church of Christ has stateside and overseas missions. We work within the U.S. in Georgia, Tennessee, and Arkansas as well as in countries like Peru, Russia, Tanzania and India.

Those living in areas far and wide are provided with specific content and materials from GBN. All of our content is free because we believe everyone should have access to God’s Word, regardless of how much money rests in his wallet.