Daily Lift – July 7, 2021

Confessed Before His Father

The Eleventh of Hebrews and the Second of James both teach us that faith is worthless if it remains unexpressed. Yet, at the Twelfth of John’s Gospel, the religious leaders of the day harbored an unexpressed belief in Jesus Christ. Confession of faith in Christ, they feared, would result in their expulsion from the synagogue. To prevent this, they did what they had to do to remain accepted in their peer group, even if it meant that pleasing men would displease God. Rather than effectively leading in the paths of righteousness, those leaders were allowing themselves to be led astray by the influence of the Pharisees, though it would be God, not the Pharisees, Who would ultimately be their Judge. At the Tenth of Matthew, the Savior promised that those who confessed Him would be confessed before His Father.

Written by David Hayes Prophater

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