GBNLive: Hurricane Relief

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey which devastated the fourth largest city in the United States, Hurricane Irma is taking aim on Florida.  Many are asking what they can do to help in this time of great need.  Do tragedies such as this provide opportunities for the church to do good and show the love of Christ?  What can a congregation do ahead of time to prepare for such a disaster?

Join Doug Burleson and Mark Teske as they sit down with Mike Hixson to discuss this relevant topic this Thursday night at 7:00 Central.  You can call in during the program at 662-874-5508, or email your questions in advance to

We will be broadcasting GBNLive via Facebook Live.  You can join the discussion there and post your questions on Facebook during the program.  Also, please “like” the Facebook Live broadcast and encourage others to do the same.  Make a comment letting us know where you’re watching from.  That will help the broadcast to be seen by even more Facebook users.

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