Matching Funds in December

Some very generous brethren have put forth a $41,000 MATCHING FUNDS OFFER. If you donate before the end of the year, your contribution will be matched (and in esssence doubled). We depend heavily on our December donations.

We have already received $7,000 in matching funds and still have $34,000 available.

This year, our year-end donations will be particularly important as our contributions are well behind last year’s. In addition, we’re having to hire a second I.T. person (computer/network support). As the technological nature and breadth of our work has grown, we simply cannot continue with only one I.T. specialist. We have found the right man for the job. He’s beginning in January when he graduates from the Memphis School of Preaching. We simply have to raise the money to pay him.

You can make a donation that will be matched today. You can donate online here and select the 2017 Year end Matching Funds under the “fund” selection.

GBN is funded entirely by donations that are given by congregations and members of churches of Christ. We never appeal for donations in our broadcasts and never ask our viewers for money. Our materials are given away free of charge.

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