Program Descriptions

GBN Program Descriptions

At the Gospel Broadcasting Network (GBN), we provide free, Bible-based programs. Watch live church services online or discover the Bible’s lessons through programs appropriate for every age group. Our shows follow the Scripture’s teachings which instruct us to, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15).

Learn more about our collection of free shows below.

According to the Scriptures

This 30-minute program features a panel discussion featuring preachers from the Dallas, TX area. Learn the Bible’s lessons online from the show’s various hosts and guests, who are all preachers and elders of the churches of Christ.

Adventures with Chip

Expose your child to the Word of God through this 30-minute program. “Adventures with Chip” offers online Bible lessons for youth in a fun, interactive format. Songs, games and puppets all help your child learn about the Lord’s love.

Banner of Truth

Mike Hixson sits down with the late Garland Elkins for this 30-minute program. The two discuss biblical topics in a conversational setting.

Bible Readings and Hymns

David Kenney reads the entire New Testament one chapter per episode. After the reading, a period of meditation is promoted through beautiful singing accompanied by spectacular scenery. This program provides an excellent way for people of all ages to read through their Bible. A great way to start your day!

Bible Talk

Speaker Larry Fife, of the Fayetteville Church of Christ in Alabama, provides online Bible lessons in a 30-minute program for adults and teenagers. Listen with your family and together build your faith and understanding of the Lord. Previous speakers for this program include Kevin Beard and Don McWhorter.

Bible Round Table

Brooks Boyd is the host for our 30-minute program that offers free, online Bible lessons for adults. Every episode features two additional guests, giving you a comprehensive look at the Scripture.

Biblical Viewpoints

Speakers Eddy Craft and Roby Ellis host this 30-minute program from Elizabethton, Tennessee, allowing you to learn lessons directly from the Scripture.

Book, Chapter and Verse

Jeff Archey delivers powerful lessons from the word of God. In every 30-minute lesson, Jeff provides book, chapter and verse to allow the viewer to search the scriptures to whether these things are so (Acts 17:11).

A Burning Fire

Speaker James Boyd offers quick, online teachings from the Bible with this one-minute program. You’ll be able to listen to and better recall God’s teachings with this inspirational program.

Coping with Problems

Steve Lloyd and Don Ruhl discuss how to cope with the problems that we encounter in everyday life. Practical Christian living explained during this 30-minute program.


This 30-minute program, hosted by speakers Mike Hixson and B.J. Clarke, discusses deep Bible teachings and current issues. Counterpoint can be seen daily on GBN and is also available on CTN on a weekly basis.  Watch this online series to enhance your knowledge of the Word of God.


Hosted by James Segars of the Gloster Street Church of Christ in Tupelo, Mississippi, this program offers free, online Bible lessons for adults. Every episode is 30 minutes, making it perfect to fit into your daily schedule, whether you’re commuting or making breakfast.  This program also airs on television stations throughout Mississippi.

Digger Doug

This fun, 30-minute animated children’s series is based on the characters from the popular children’s publication, Discovery magazine. For years, Digger Doug has been working with his good friends at Apologetics Press answering questions from young people all over the world.
Now, the answers to these questions and many more are coming to life on Digger Doug’s Underground. Join Digger Doug, Iguana Don, Sing-a-Long Sycamore, Professor Whitecoat and the rest of the gang as they explore basic Bible teachings about God, His Word, and His amazing creation in this online Bible lesson series for youth.

The Everlasting Gospel

Gary McDade presents 30-minute lessons on various subjects about the everlasting Gospel (Revelation 14:6). Gary preaches for the Tiftonia congregation in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


Kevin Rhodes works through the Scriptures in systematic manner.  Expository lessons are presented that work through the books of the Bible.  Plenty of application to help you live a Christian life according to the Scriptures.

Fabric of Family

Help your family overcome the issues they’re facing, such as discipline, addiction, and marriage troubles. Hosted by Barry Gilreath Jr., Fabric of Family provides solutions to your family struggles, reminding you of how the Scripture can inspire you to approach and handle difficult situations.

Faith Building Sermons

Rediscover or continue building your faith with this program hosted by John Grubb that offers online Bible teachings. Learn what God has to say directly from the Scripture.

Five Minutes for the Faith

Join Glenn Colley as he spends 5 minutes helping us to find practical lessons in Christianity. These lessons are great for family devotions or personal Bible study.

Focus on Faith

Watch this program to discover great Bible lessons which help you build your faith and understanding of the Lord’s teachings. Each episode features a guest speaker who delivers the message using his own insights and perspective.  The host for this program is Russ Vickers.

For Christ & The Church

This 30-minute program offers Bible lessons for adults that are free and online, per God’s will to, “preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15). This series is hosted by speaker Bill Thomas.

Forgotten Truth

Learn the Bible’s truth in this 30-minute program. Speaker Patrick Gray, of the Villa Rica Church of Christ in Georgia, provides a sermon that shares the Bible’s teachings online with you, so you can experience the Scripture wherever you travel.

Fountain of Life

Hear the Word of God throughout your day to continue your journey to salvation with these online Bible lessons. Speaker Larry Acuff, of the Lithia Springs Church of Christ, hosts this 30-minute program.  This program also airs on local stations throughout the country.

Fundamentals of Christianity

Share the Bible’s teachings online with friends or families, start your Christian journey or continue on your walk with God during this 30-minute program. This program covers the basic principles of Christianity and is an excellent program for those who are new to Christianity.  Speaker Gary Colley hosts this Biblical lesson series.


Find the answers to your questions about the Scripture in this 30-minute, online Bible teaching program. Chad Dollahite, preacher for the Bremen church of Christ, hosts the program and he brings in various guests to answer the questions. Formerly hosted by David Wade.

GBN Special Presentation

Continue your online Bible lessons with this program. Different speakers discuss the Bible’s teachings and lessons with you, so you can reignite your passion for Christ or continue building your love and understanding for our Savior through the Scripture.  Many of the episodes were recorded on location at various lectureships and events throughout the world.


This program airs live on Thursday nights at 7:00pm Central. Hosted by Mike Hixson, the program includes two guests who answer viewer questions on the air. Some questions are asked over the phone, while others are submitted by email or through Facebook. This hour-long program is also available in archived form on our website, YouTube and Facebook.

Getting to Know Your Bible

This 30-minute program series is perfect for adults or teens. It encourages you to read and search your Bible for the truth because it is the Scripture that reveals what God wants us to know.  The host of this program is Billy Lambert.

Give Me The Bible

Grow your understanding of the Scripture through this 30-minute program. The program is hosted by  Dan Manuel, and it features speakers from several of the churches of Christ in East Texas.  This series offers online Bible lessons to help you on your path toward salvation or your journey as a child of Christ.  Give Me the Bible also airs on television stations in East Texas and portions of Louisiana.

Good News Today

Online Bible lessons for adults, teens, and kids are numerous in this magazine-style, 30-minute program. Hosted by Jim Dearman of the Dunlap Church of Christ in Tennessee, this series features numerous segments throughout each episode.  Good News Today is also seen on television stations throughout the country.

The Gospel is Gold

Josh McCrary presents informal lessons from God’s word, helping us to be the best person that God would have us to be. Josh preaches for the congregation that meets in Ripley, Mississippi.

The Gospel of Christ

Ben Bailey engages viewers with his direct and powerful delivery of the Gospel of Christ. The stated goal of the program is to take the whole gospel to the whole world. This program is also on local television and radio stations throughout the country.

Hearing God Speak

Gary Hampton teaches lessons similar to what you would hear in a Bible class setting. This 30-minute program is often used by congregations as advanced Bible class material.  These lessons have covered the books of Genesis, Joshua, Judges and Ruth, Acts and II Corinthians as well as “Searching for the New Testament Church” and “How to Study the Bible”.

Howie and Honey

This group of animated rabbits are a hit with young children! In their adventures of life, their momma teaches them basic Bible principles in a way that the kids can understand. Each lesson is only a few minutes long, so they’re sure to keep everyone’s attention.

In a Word

Boost your knowledge of the Scripture and the influence of translation on the Bible in this quick, five-minute program. Speaker David B. Smith hosts this excellent online Bible teaching program, and since it’s short, you can listen to it while you’re waiting for your morning coffee.

In Search of the Lord’s Way

Find the Lord’s guidance through this online Bible lesson program, where you learn to do things the Lord’s Way. Host Phil Sanders shares the Scriptures to help you better understand Christ’s leadership in this 30-minute program.  In Search of the Lord’s Way is available nationwide in nearly every home in the United States through local stations and GBN.  This program was hosted for many years by Mac Lyon.

Is There Any Word From The Lord?

This program features Johnny Lance and Shane Fisher speaking where the Bible speaks.

Let the Bible Speak

A series of lessons from the Nettleton church of Christ in Arkansas. Various speakers have appeared on the program during its long history.

L.G. Ministry

Cougan Collins presents lessons from the Lone Grove church of Christ in Oklahoma. Some of these lessons are 30-minute programs while others are 5-7 minutes in length.

Light for the Way

Discover the Scripture in this 15-minute program, which offers online Bible lessons for adults. Speaker Charles Cochran of the East Ridge church of Christ in Chattanooga, Tennessee hosts.

Light From Above

Speaker David R. Kenney of the Wadsworth church of Christ in Ohio hosts this online Bible teaching program. Tune in to learn the Scripture and about its guidance for your everyday life.

Living by Faith

Donnie DeBord presents lessons that build our faith for faithful living. The lessons are presented in a 30-minute format.

The Living Word

Grow your faith and build your knowledge of the Bible’s teachings with this 30-minute program from Birmingham, Alabama that offers Bible lessons for adults online. Speaker Jerry Jenkins, now deceased, hosted this series from the storied Roebuck Parkway church of Christ.

Make the Most of a Minute

Glenn Colley helps us to make the most of our minutes with these short lessons on practical Christian living. These lessons help us to keep a proper perspective on our life and eternity.

Message From Heaven

Get your day going with this 30-minute program that provides thoughtful and provoking lessons through Bible-based sermons. Speaker John Shannon Sr. hosts the series.

On the Lord’s Day

Watch a church service online in this one-hour program, bringing the Word of God and His love into your home — wherever you may be in the world. Numerous speakers from the churches of Christ in Tennessee and Texas preach Gospel sermons that will change you inside and out.

On the Rock

Caleb Colley presents these lessons for our youth. These short lessons are very practical and helpful to those who are struggling through their teenage years.

One Gospel Minute

Speaker Bob Prichard discusses the Gospel in this Bible-based, one-minute program. Listen to these quick online Bible lessons before heading to work, while waiting in line at the grocery store or just after you wake up.

One Minute Walks

Take a short walk with Jim Dearman. In these short lessons, Jim helps us to focus on the things that matter most in this world.


Uncover the Bible’s teachings with this online, 30-minute program. Speaker Roger Johnson of the Edgewood Church of Christ in Columbus, Georgia hosts and provides guidance in your study and understanding of the Scripture.

Preaching the Gospel

We welcome you to join in the celebration of the Good News in this 30-minute program, which is hosted by speakers James Watkins and Cliff Goodwin.  Preaching the Gospel is also shown nationwide on the CTN television network, as well as on many local stations.

A Search for Direction

The Huntington Park church of Christ in Shreveport, Louisiana brings you great Bible lessons by host, Floyd Johnson. Bring the Lord’s teachings into your life and your home with this 30-minute program.

Searching the Scriptures

Discover the Scriptures with Bible lessons for adults in this free and online program. Uncover the Word of God alongside your host, speaker Cliff Goodwin.

Seed Sowing

Understand the Scripture and its message, “A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit,” in this 25-minute, online Bible lesson program (Matthew 7:18). Hosted by the now-deceased speaker Paul Kidwell, Sr.

Shelter in the Time of Storm

This 30-minute program allows you to find the Word of God and seek His comfort in your darkest times. Learn the challenges faced by those in the Bible, in addition to Christians today, and how they overcame those hurdles through God’s love and teachings. Speaker Roger Comstock hosts this resource for teens and adults.

Shield of Faith

“Stand therefore… taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one” (Ephesians 6:16). This 30-minute show, which features a discussion panel with Wes Garland, Eric Pitcock, Barry Kennedy and Scott Gann, prepares you to take up the shield of the Lord’s love.

Sixty Seconds about the Second Coming

Don Blackwell teaches truth about subjects related to the second coming of Christ. The rapture, the judgment day, Armageddon and the thousand-year reign of Christ are topics that are covered.


Mark Teske presents short lessons that provide helpful tips in our Christian walk. These lessons are designed to be shared with others via social media.

Speaking the Truth in Love

The Scripture tells us that only through “speaking the truth in love, may grow up in all things into Him who is the head — Christ” (Ephesians 4:15). Speakers Brandon Britton and Paul Sain host this 30-minute program about proclaiming the Savior’s love.

Spiritual Sword

Mike Hixson, John Shannon and Gary McDade sit down and discuss passages of Scripture in a relaxed setting.  Recorded at the Getwell church of Christ in Memphis, Tennessee which is the congregation that oversees the Spiritual Sword publication and annual lectureship.

Straight from the Sheets

John Shannon delivers some old-fashioned sheet sermons – where the illustration for the lesson is drawn on a bedsheet. As always, John is a straight-shooter who doesn’t mince his words. One of our viewers’ favorite programs – Straight from the Sheets.

Teaching and Admonishing

Andy Robison, a preacher and songwriter, teaches lessons based upon songs that he has written. The program begins and ends with one of his songs and his lessons help us to teach and admonish one another (Colossians 3:16).

Text Message

Michael Clarke hosts this magazine-format program targeted toward our youth. Segments included in this program have various speakers and formats. You can even send in your questions for Michael to answer via a text message!

The Truth About

We invite you to find the answers to your biggest questions through the Scripture in this online Bible teaching series. The in-depth programs offer insight into the Bible’s instructions on drinking, marriage, abortion and many other topics. Hosted by speakers Don Blackwell and Neal Pollard.

Thy Word is Truth

Hear the Word of God in this 30-minute program that offers online Bible lessons to apply to your daily life. Speakers Cliff Goodwin and Chris Clevenger host.

Truth for Youth

Help your child build their love of Christ and knowledge of the Bible’s teachings through this program. “Truth for Youth” offers Bible lessons that appeal to your child’s interests and faith-related questions. Speaker Robert Hatfield hosts.

The Truth in Love

Robert Dodson hosts this 30-minute program about celebrating in the Good News of Christ’s love. The Truth in Love is also seen on local television stations throughout the country.  Previous hosts of this program include Dave Miller and Eddie Parrish.

TV Sunday School

Introductory and In-depth studies to the Scripture’s lessons can be viewed online through the TV Sunday School, which offers online Bible lessons for adults. Speaker Joe Galloway hosts the 30-minute Sunday school.

Unity of the Spirit

Discover the Word of God and begin your Christian journey, or continue your lifelong path to salvation with these 30-minute, online Bible lessons from speaker Michael White.

Voices From the Past

This series is as timeless as the Scripture. It presents free, online Bible lessons for adults that grow your love of God and His Word. Each episode is 30 minutes long and features various speakers who have gone on to their reward.

What Does the Bible Teach?

Find the answers to your questions about the Bible’s teachings through these 30-minute online resources for youth and adults. Hosted by speaker David Sain.

A Word Fitly Spoken

Proverbs 25:11 states “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.” David Hayes Prophater delivers A Word Fitly Spoken and provides keen insight into the scriptures.

WVBS In-Depth

We invite you to grow your understanding of the Scripture and Word of God through these online Bible lessons for adults. These programs are generally about 40 minutes long and provide a comprehensive look at the Bible’s teachings in a systematic way.  Various speakers cover their particular area of expertise.