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    How Shall They Hear?


    “Preach the Gospel to every creature” is a charge current in every generation until the end of time. Admittedly, reaching every soul with the message of salvation is challenging, considering the world’s population of over six billion could double by the year 2040! Coupled with the fact that about a hundred precious souls are dying every minute, the problem the Lord’s people face in reaching a world rapidly rushing into eternity is obvious. However, since God desires that all men be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth, we must believe He has given His people the power and potential to solve the problem of reaching every soul with the truth.

    A large part of the solution to the problem is now in production..."GOSPEL BROADCASTING NETWORK"...a satellite network, broadcasting the truth and nothing but the truth, 24 hours a day, seven days a week...

    GBN is under the oversight of the Southaven church of Christ in Southaven, Mississippi. The primary thrust of the network is:

    • To establish in viewers of all ages a strong belief in the existence of God through a heavy concentration of Christian evidences
    • To establish in viewers the conviction that God has revealed Himself and His will to man through the Bible
    • To encourage the proper response to God’s Word—obedience to the plan of salvation and adherence to the New Testament pattern of worship, work, and Christian living

    In many places brethren are threatened by false teaching. A saturation of sound Bible teaching via GBN may help strengthen them to withstand error and to stand for the truth. In areas where the church is practically nonexistent and brethren are striving to grow in the faith, GBN’s programming may be viewed, possibly videotaped, to edify these Christians and assist them in their evangelistic efforts.


    Come to see us at the GBN facility located in Olive Branch, Mississippi, south of Memphis at 8900 Germantown Road, Olive Branch, MS 38654.   The new location of 8,000+ square feet is open on weekdays from 8am to 5pm and we would love for you to organize a group from your congregation to visit with us.

    Thank you for visiting our web site and for your interest in the Gospel Broadcasting Network. Please be informed that we do not solicit contributions from those who are not members of the church of Christ.


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