Want to listen to your favorite GBN programs while you drive?

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The Authentic Christian

What does it mean to be an Authentic Christian? Join Aaron Gallagher, Scott Ingram, and Tucker Wallace as they discuss the everyday struggle of a Christian, culturally relevant topics, and the Biblical principles that should guide their response. New Episodes will be released every Wednesday. Sponsored by the Gospel Broadcasting Network.

Answering the Error

Join Don Blackwell and Aaron Gallagher as they discuss common misconceptions found in biblical viewpoints. Answering the Error is a series produced by the Gospel Broadcasting Network.


This 30-minute program, hosted by speakers Mike Hixson and B.J. Clarke, discusses deep Bible teachings and current issues.


GBNLive is produced by the Gospel Broadcasting Network. The program is hosted by Mike Hixson and has two guests each week that answer questions from viewers on a particular subject each week. It broadcasts live on Thursday evenings on GBN. Each of these episodes has been pre-recorded.