Gospel Broadcasting Network

GBN Celebrates Our 10th Anniversary

Posted by Mark

This Thanksgiving weekend marks the 10th anniversary of GBN broadcasting 24/7.  We have just wrapped up taping our 10th Anniversary Special.  This specal wll air at 7:00 pm Central on Thanksgiing day and includes some comments and discussion from those who helped get the network started, as well and insight into where the network is going in the coming years.  We will also air portions of this program between some of our regular programs during the weekend.

We are very thankful for God's blessings on the work of GBN over the years.  We are also very thankful for those who have given so generously over the years to make this dream a reality.  We are also thankful to those who have given of themselves - those who speak on the network and those who work behind the scenes.

GBN has indeed achieved the goal of bringing souls in touch with the saving Gospel message.  Many have obeyed the Gospel after being introduced to it through GBN.  Countless others have grown spiritually through viewing the pogramming.  May God continue to be glorified by the work.