Gospel Broadcasting Network

Great, New Schedule Begins March 1st

Posted by Mark

Beginning March 1st, our schedule will undergo a significant overhaul.  The main reason for this change is to allow our viewers to see a better variety of our programming.  With few exceptions, if you watch the network at the same time every day, you will see different programs each day.  We will also utilize our new Master Control system and be able to rotate through the episodes of these programs in an efficient manner.

In addition to theThursday night GBNLive broadcast, we wll also air past episodes of this popular program on Tuesday and Saturday evenings.  The GBN Special Presentation will remain at 8:00pm Central every evening, and wll consist mainly of lecturesips and other changing material.  It will now be followed by WVBS Presents every evening at 9:00 Central.

Saturday morning's proramming will be focused on children's programming (including some new cartoon material) from 7:00am until 10:30am Central.  This will give families a block of programming that will be geared toward those of tender years.

During the overnight hours, we will run older episodes of some of our classic programs.  The more current episodes will air in other spots during the day.  We will also be able to bring back some series of programs that have been "out of rotation" for a while.

Another improvement that we're making regarding the schedule is the addition of a new, interactive section of our website.  Information about what is currently airing will appear on the home page of our website and a link will bring you to an interactive, searchable schedule.  We hope this new schedule introduces you to some new material and enhances your viewing experience.