Daily Lift – April 17, 2019

Be Properly Prepared

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The Thirtieth of Exodus includes the Lord’s instructions for the fashioning and placement of a laver, or wash basin, between the altar and the tabernacle. Therein were the priests to cleanse their hands and feet before either entering the tabernacle or offering sacrifice upon the altar. Jehovah felt so strongly about this regulation that He ordained that the priests “shall wash with water that they die not.” Not only must the sacrifice be properly selected and prepared, but those that offer it must be properly prepared as well. At First Peter Two, the apostle twice referred to the saints as a priesthood, and that these were to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Christ. At the Twelfth of Romans, Paul wrote that it is we who are to offer ourselves as living sacrifices to God, both holy and acceptable. May both the priest and his sacrifice be properly prepared.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater