Daily Lift – April 19, 2019

Justice, and Justice Alone

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As a man views and analyzes the Ten Commandments of Exodus Twenty, he may notice that the first three, concerning other gods, graven images, and respect for the Lord’s Name, deal with the relationship of man to Jehovah. The fourth, remembering the sabbath day, seems to appeal to both the spiritual and physical needs of man. The remaining six address man’s relationship with others, while their number relative to the whole suggests the importance of these matters in the mind of God. When the Law was repeated for the benefit of the next generation of Israelites, the Sixteenth of Deuteronomy forbade the perverting of justice and the showing of partiality. Also forbidden were bribes, which skewed judgment by perverting the words of righteous witnesses. Israel’s inheritance of their land of promise depended upon following justice, and justice alone.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater