Daily Lift – April 25, 2019

A Man of Truth

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When the Savior sent the apostles to the lost Israelite sheep at the Tenth of Matthew, He gave them power against unclean spirits to cast them out and to heal all manner of sickness and disease. His charge to them included healing the sick, cleansing the lepers, raising the dead, and casting out devils. Such abilities were also associated with the world-wide commission as recorded at the Sixteenth of Mark. The Second of Hebrews points out that it was by these signs, wonders, miracles, and gifts that God bore witness of them. The Savior indicated at the Tenth of John that such works as these bore witness of Him also, the first of which was turning water into wine at Cana of Galilee, as recorded at John Two. Nathaniel is shown at John Twenty-One as having been from that city, and the Lord described him at John One as an Israelite in whom was no guile. How interesting that the first of the Savior’s miracles, intended to confirm truth, was done in Cana, from which came Nathaniel, whom the Lord testified was a man of truth.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater