Daily Lift – April 4, 2020

Centuries of Messianic Prophecy

At the Fortieth of Isaiah, the prophet spoke of the time when the iniquity of Jerusalem would be pardoned, and she would receive of the Lord’s hand double for all her sins. At the First of Matthew, the angel of the Lord told Joseph that Mary was about to give birth to the Savior Who would be the fulfillment of the prophecy given by Isaiah more than seven hundred years earlier. Shortly after Jesus’ birth, Simeon declared at the Second of Luke that his eyes had seen the salvation of the Lord. Just prior to the Lord’s ascension at Mark Sixteen, Christ sent the apostles to preach the Gospel, the belief in and obedience of which would result in salvation. Disbelief and disobedience, then, defeats the purpose of many centuries of Messianic prophecy.

Written by David Hayes Prophater

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