Daily Lift – August 10, 2019

Honor His Word

The character of honor may be recognized among those who are otherwise significantly different. The Seventh of Luke provides an example of this when a Roman centurion had demonstrated respect for the Israelites by building for them a synagogue. Later, when his servant fell mortally ill, that same centurion felt unworthy to personally ask the Lord to heal him. He also expressed unworthiness for the Savior to enter his house. More than one thousand years prior, Abinadab must have felt honored indeed that the Ark of the Covenant should have rested in his house for a lengthy period of time. Yet, one of his own sons, Uzzah, was stricken dead by the Lord for touching the Ark as it was being moved to Jerusalem. In order to express the most genuine of honor to the Lord of Heaven, one must honor His word.

Written by David Hayes Prophater