Daily Lift – August 10th, 2018

Understandest Thou?

At the Seventh of Matthew, our Savior promised that the asking will receive, the seeking will find, and that the door will be opened unto those that knock. The spiritual fulfillment of that spiritual promise is exemplified at the Eighth of Acts, where an Ethiopian man’s quest for truth was rewarded when Philip helped him to understand the Scriptures. Until Philip taught him, the Ethiopian understood neither the subj ect nor the context of the prophecies he read. Religious error exists among us today for the cause of those with similar misunderstanding, who share the product of their misguidance to the misguiding of still others. At First Timothy One, the apostle Paul decried those who desired to be teachers, while understanding nei ther what they said nor what they affirmed. The Savior, at the Sixth of John, pointed out that it was necessary to both hear and learn in order to come to Him. It becomes apparent that one may hear, and yet not correctly and properly learn, as the Ethiopian initially read, but did not understand, until Philip was sent to assist him. Understandest thou?

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Written and voiced by David H. Prophater