Daily Lift – August 11th, 2018

Indispensable Service

The Savior took the opportunity of the Last Supper with His disciples at the Thirteenth of John’s Gospel to teach them the lesson of humble service by washing their feet. He told them they would be happy if they knew the lesson of service to humanity, and practiced it. Why , though, is happiness to be found in such a manner? Robert Louis Stevenson, whose life spanned the years of 1 850 through 1 894, was an author and poet whose name and work are still of considerable influence in modern literary circles. Mr. Stevenson is quoted as saying, “As long as we aerve, as long as we are loved, I would almost say we are indispensable. I ‘ At the Fourteenth of Luke, the Christ admonished us to show charitable kindness to those who could not possibly repay the favor. This is the very mirror of the redemptive kindness the Savior has shown unto us. We can never repay that, either. Our Creator has endowed each of us with varying talent and ability. To learn the application of those talents in the Savior’s name to the betterment of humanity is to discover happiness in indispensable service .

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Written and voiced by David H. Prophater