Daily Lift – August 17, 2016

Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only (James 2:24).

Man’s necessity of faith in order to be pleasing to God is clearly seen (Hebrews 11:6; John 8:24). Yet, faith apart from works of obedience is fruitless.

Peter unquestionably declared that to be accepted by God one must be a worker of righteousness (Acts 10:35)! James challenged those of his day to demonstrate their faith without works (James 2:18), an impossible task to be sure.

Imagine removing one oar from its rowlock and trying to row across a lake with only the single oar – one would simply go in circles. It takes faith made perfect by works of obedience to be accepted of God and to navigate through the seas of life.

One can be justifed – by following the instruction of our Lord in His Word.

The book Meditations Of My Heart (from which this daily devotional is taken) is available / can be ordered from Sain Publications (931-363-6905 or email psain@sainpublications.com).

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