Daily Lift – August 18th, 2018

House Upon a Rock

As the Lord closed His Sermon on the Mount at the Seventh of Matthew’ s Gospel, He warned that those failing to hear and do according to His words would be as foolish men building houses on the sand. Such a structure could never withstand the test of time nor the elements. Those hearing and doing according to His words were described as wise men building houses upon rock. Those dwellings stood firm under all conditions. It should be pointed out that the word translated as “rock” in this passage is “petra, ” and is the same word the Savior used to describe Himself at Matthew Sixteen as the Rock upon which the Church is built. At First Corinthians Three, Paul the Apostle noted at Verse Eleven that no other foundation can be laid but that of Christ. He continued that same theme at the close of Ephesians Two, writing that the saints and household of God are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, of which Christ is the Chief Corner Stone. These are the Church, the House built upon a Rock.

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Written and voiced by David H. Prophater