Daily Lift – August 19th, 2018

Foundation of the Church

At the Sixteenth of Matthew’s Gospel, Simon Peter confessed Jesus Christ as the Son of God. The Savior pronounced Peter as blessed for not subscribing to the divided public opinion concerning Christ’s identity, but, rather, embracing the truth of the Lord’s Divinity as that truth is revealed by the Father Himself. Jesus then acknowledged the name of Peter as Peter had acknowledged the name of Christ, adding that upon this rock He would build His Church. Lest we  should misunderstand the Savior’ s meaning, it should be pointed out that, whether as Peter or as Cephas , Peter’s name interprets as “a stone, ” such as one might hold in hand, and translates the word “petros . ” The Rock upon which Christ promised to build the Church translates from “petra, ” and refers to great expanses of cliff or bedrock. It is the same word Paul used when he told the Corinthians that the “Rock was Christ. ‘ I It would take the strength of a stone to do what the Lord would require of Peter to do, but it would take the Rock of Christ to be the Foundation of the Church.

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Written and voiced by David H. Prophater