Daily Lift – August 20, 2019

For His Benefit

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At the Third of Mark, the Savior on the Sabbath Day healed a man of a withered hand. At the Fifth of John, the Lord healed an infirm man, also on the Sabbath. In both cases, the Savior’s enemies sought to do Him harm, alleging violation of the law of the Sabbath that no work be done upon that day. The Lord reminded them of the requirement to circumcise a male at eight days old. If a boy turned eight days old on the Sabbath, the circumcision was to be performed. The Sabbath, the Savior asserted, was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. As it was lawful and proper to heal and give life on the Sabbath, it is also proper to observe that Divine ordinances are given not for man’s detriment but for his benefit.

Written and Voiced by David Hayes Prophater