Daily Lift – August 20th, 2018

The Calling of the Gospel

At Second Timothy Chapter One, Paul the Apostle taught that God had saved us and called us with an holy calling. It follows, then, that saved ones have rendered a favorable response to that calling. Though the voice of God was once heard by men, the completion and perfection of the Inspired Word have rendered unnecessary any further Divine revelation beyond the Scriptures themselves. At Second Thessalonians Chapter Two, Paul wrote at Verse Fourteen that it is by the Gospel we are called to the obtaining of the glory of the Lord. At First Peter Chapter Two, we are enlightened even further about the obtaining of that glory. At Verse Nine, Peter said we are called out of darkness, and into the marvelous light of the Lord. Interestingly, the essential definition of the Church is that they are “called out. ” It is out of the darkness of sin and spiritual ignorance and into the light of righteousness and spiritual enlightenment that is the calling of the Gospel.

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Written and voiced by David H. Prophater