Daily Lift – August 29th, 2018

The Abasing of the Exalted

The Savior warned us that those who exalt themselves shall be abased. An excellent example of this is the attempt of the people at the Eleventh of Genesis to construct a tower whose top might reach unto heaven. God’s assessment of the matter was that man would feel he had no reasonable limit if he were allowed to continue with his plans. So, by the confounding of their speech, God scattered them abroad and disrupted their work. We might wonder how differently that scenario might have played out with a less arrogant approach and a more humbled people. After all, the Savior did go on to say that it is the humble who are exalted. It is to God that glory is to be brought when good works are beheld, not those that do them. It is not only a privilege to accomplish anything in the Lord’s name, but a privilege also just to be capable of doing so. God is owed a debt of gratitude for the abilities He provides. There is no better way to_ thank Him than to give Him, not us, the benefit of them.

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Written and voiced by David H. Prophater