Daily Lift – August 2nd, 2018

Glory in the Churches

At Second Thessalonians Chapter One , Paul the Apostle told the Church at Thessalonica at Verse Four that he gloried in them for their patience and faith in the midst of persecution and tribulation. However, what is commendable about steadfast Christianity is hated by Satan, and only strengthens his resolve as the accuser and adversary of the righteous. It is in the faith and patience Paul praised that the tempter shall fail in his mission. Second Peter Chapter One begins at Verse Five to teach us that faith is the basis upon which all other Christian virtue is founded, including patience. If in patience we possess our souls, as the Savior taught us at the Twenty First of Luke, then it is in the loss of patience that the soul is lost also .The first of James teaches us that it is in the trial of faith that patience is developed, and the person with perfected patience has become perfected in his faith. For this, Paul gloried in the Churches.

Written and voiced by David H. Prophater