Daily Lift – August 3rd, 2018

What Makes Us Christians

The religious world is populated with those who profess Christianity; yet, the names and doctrines of their denominational groups all seem to vary. What is correct for any Christian is correct for all Christians. So, how could all these varied doctrines be correct? The Seventh of Matthew records the latter portion of the Savior ‘s Sermon on the Mount . Beginning at Verse

Twenty One, Christ cautioned that Heaven was I promised not to those who merely called Him “Lord, t‘ but, rather, to those who did the will of the Heavenly Father. The Savior went on explain that many in the day of judgment would seem to believe they had been performing the Lord t s will, and would claim that they had. However, the Righteous Judge would send them from His presence, telling them He never knew them. Their works, He said, were not only not in His name, but were actually deeds of iniquity. Quite apparently, man’s concept of Christianity has been known to vary significantly from that of the Christ. It is not what we profess, but what we practice, us Christians.

Written and voiced by David H. Prophater