Daily Lift – August 4th, 2018

What makes us Learned

People often know and believe things while not entirely understanding those things. For example, one may know and believe that planes fly while not exactly understanding all the principles and sciences of flight. The same may be true of one’s knowledge of the Word of God; he might not understand everything about what he believes. At his First Corinthian Epistle, Paul set out at

Chapter Fifteen to declare the Gospel he had already preached to them; or to further explain its truths and its application to them. Paul acknowledged they had already received and stood in that truth. However, being saved by it depended upon their remembrance of it. Other— wise, Paul said, they had believed in vain. We do tend to forget what we rarely practice, while remembering what we do more regularly. Time and experience result in greater understanding of that to which God calls us in His Word. It is not what we read of that Word, but what we remember, that makes us learned.

Written and voiced by David H. Prophater