Daily Lift – August 5th, 2018

What Makes You Rich

At the Sixth of Matthew I s Gospel, the Savior taught in His Sermon on the Mount that Heavenly treasure is far more to be desired than earthly wealth. While corruption and thievery threaten the loss of property here, our eternal treasure is safe and secure. Further, Christ promised that all material needs are supplied anyway to those seeking first the Kingdom and righteousness of God. For that cause among others, the Lord is not the Master of him whose master is the prosperity he pursues. At the Sixteenth of Matthew, the Savior asks us to consider what a man has profited if he lost his soul while gaining the world. Then, in judgment, realizing at last that his loss has been far greater than his gain, what would he give of his gain to receive his soul back again, and to have another opportunity to pursue the proper spiritual priorities? No doubt , he would give all he had gained, and more, for such an opportunity. It is not what we gain materially, but what we save spiritually, that makes us  rich.

Written and voiced by David H. Prophater