Daily Lift – August 6, 2019

Whereto He Sent It

At First Kings Sixteen, God spoke through Jehu the prophet to Baasha, the third king of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. Because the king had provoked the Lord to anger by making the people Israel to sin, God would wipe out the posterity of Baasha and his house. Elah, Baasha’s son, inherited the throne of his father but reigned only two years before Zimri assassinated him as he drank himself drunk at the house of his steward, Arza. Zimri then assumed the throne and immediately slew all the kinsfolk and friends of Baasha, thus fulfilling the prophecy. Approximately two hundred years later, God would speak though Isaiah concerning the certainty of His word, declaring that it would accomplish what He pleased and prosper in that whereto He sent it.

Written by David Hayes Prophater