Daily Lift – August 7th, 2018

Someone Else’s Toady

The Fifth of Mark I s Gospel tells of a woman with a lingering and chronic illness. Fortunately, she was healed by the Savior, but not before spending all she had on physicians, none of whom had helped her. Practitioners of ineffective medicines often took financial advantage of the naive and unsuspecting. One such scam claimed to be an antidote for the poisonous secretions of toad warts. The accomplice pretending to be sickened and healed of toad poisoning was referred to as the toady. Subsequently, anyone acting with complicity in the misdeeds of another might be labeled as a toady. Though a reference rarely heard today, it describes with accuracy a spiritual malady among many, both historically and presently. The chief rulers of John Twelve who believed in Christ became the toadies of the Pharisees whom they feared would eject them from the synagogue if they confessed their faith. Judas became the toady of the chief priests regarding the betrayal of the Savior. The message of truth is clear. It is far better to be the servant of the Lord than someone else’s toady .

Written and voiced by David H. Prophater