Daily Lift – December 1, 2018

Indeed Make One Free

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It has been often said that the truth will make you free. Though true in its original context, the statement is usually misapplied and incomplete. The truth to which the Savior referred at John Eight was His Word. Further, the complete statement points out at Verse Thirty-Two that it is necessary first of all to know what that truth is. This is how the Savior sent His apostles at Mark Sixteen into all the known world to preach the Gospel. It was that Gospel, all of it, that the hearers were called upon to believe and obey. Further, Paul taught Timothy that the Word of Truth must be handled aright. Failure to do so becomes the instrument of Satan himself to use what is otherwise true for purposes of deception. An example of this is the devil’s misapplication of Scripture during the temptation of Christ at Matthew Four. Because it is all the Gospel one must hear, believe, and obey, that truth, known and handled aright, will indeed make one free.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater