Daily Lift – December 1, 2020

The Eleventh Hour

At the Twentieth of Matthew’s Gospel, the Savior taught a parable about a man who hired laborers very early in the morning to work in His vineyard. At Nine AM, Noon, and Three PM, he found others and hired them also. The last were hired at Five PM and labored only an hour before the Six PM quitting time. Those who were the first to be hired were unhappy to see that they were paid no more than those who worked but an hour. However, their employer reminded them that all had agreed to work for the same wage. Among the lessons learned is that there is only one Heaven, and all redeemed ones have a place there. Until that reward is received, all redeemed ones have a place in the same Kingdom, the Church. It is wise to take one’s place there at first opportunity, for there is no more after the eleventh hour.

Written by David Hayes Prophater

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