Daily Lift – December 11, 2018

Become a Castaway

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At Second Peter One, the apostle tells us of seven spiritual characteristics, all of which are built upon the basic spiritual quality of faith. The third of those seven is temperance, or self-control. There may well be no higher form of control that a man may exhibit at all than the control of himself. When passions become a greater ruler than character, destruction is imminent. The absence of self-control is a sure path to trouble, while its predominate presence is the seed of a sterling reputation. Paul told the Corinthians that a man striving for a corruptible crown practices temperance in the process. How much more important is that self-control in the quest for the incorruptible crown? The Philippians were told that temperance as a moderation was a trait by which they should be known of everyone, while Titus was instructed that self-control should characterize those who would lead the Church by example as elders or bishops. Paul said if he did not bring himself into subjection, that he would become a castaway.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater