Daily Lift – December 11, 2019

Temptation of Vengeance

A man who endures a punishment he deserves has made no better a man of himself. However, at First Peter Two, the apostle writes that it is to a man’s credit when he endures unjust abuse. Our Savior is the Supreme Example of this, and He calls upon us to be willing to do the same. At the Fifth of Matthew, we are to turn the left cheek to him who has already smitten the right one, give our cloak to him who took our coat, carry a burden two miles for him who compelled us to carry it one, give to the asker, and turn not away the borrower. While these things likely referred to the proper reaction of the Israelites to the Roman authorities, the lesson still teaches all to resist the temptation of vengeance.

Written by David Hayes Prophater