Daily Lift – December 12, 2020

Expressed by Jealousy

As Jehovah declared the Second Commandment, which forbade the making or worshipping of graven images, Jehovah described Himself at the Twentieth of Exodus as a jealous God. As a spouse becomes jealous upon the alienation of affection, so does God become jealous when His people’s affections are drawn away from Him. In both cases, that jealousy is an expression of love. If a spouse did not love a mate, or if God did not love humanity, neither would care if affections were alienated, and neither would become jealous. Such jealousy has expressed itself in great anger before, and the Lord warned His people at the Sixth of Deuteronomy that His jealousy would be expressed in that same manner. Rather than fearing God’s wrath for sin, may righteousness reap the comfort of Divine love that otherwise would be expressed by jealousy.

Written by David Hayes Prophater

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