Daily Lift – December 13, 2020

Not Soon Broken

At the Twentieth of Exodus, God decreed that the iniquity of a generation is visited unto the third and fourth generation of the guilty ones’ descendants. However, the Eighteenth of Ezekiel declares that no one bears the iniquity of another. Rather, the guilt of sin is upon the sinner. Understood together, we learn that the penalty for sin extends to as many generations as become guilty of committing those sins, and the pattern is often not soon broken. At the Seventh of Acts, Stephen told his audience that they did as their fathers had done. However, God also promised mercy upon them that loved Him and kept His commandments. God spoke again through Ezekiel to say that the righteousness of the righteous is upon them. Hopefully, that pattern also is not soon broken.

Written by David Hayes Prophater

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