Daily Lift – December 17, 2018

Victory Through Christ

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It was at the Fifteenth of First Corinthians that Paul seemed to summarize the Gospel message with three key facts. The First of those is the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ. The Tenth of Hebrews teaches us that the death of Christ atoned for the sins of man in a manner not possible by the animal sacrifices of the Mosaic age. Second was the Savior’s burial, conclusively proving His death. However, David had prophesied that the body of Christ would not see corruption in the grave, pointing to the third significant fact of the Gospel; the resurrection of Christ. Though in His death was atonement, in His resurrection is the victory absolute over sin and death. Jesus had promised His disciples that because He lived, they would also. If this were not true, Paul said there would have been no solution to sin for anyone, living or dead. However, Christ is risen, and thanks be to God Who giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater