Daily Lift – December 18, 2018

The Law of Their God

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At First Corinthians Fifteen, Paul the Apostle expressed at Verse Two the importance of keeping in memory the things he had preached unto them. If we mark our calendars and use other methods to remember the events of day to day life, then it is most certainly important to remember the principles of spiritual life. At Second Peter One, the apostle indicated that he would be negligent if he did not keep his hearers and readers in remembrance of important spiritual things, even though they already knew them. As a matter of fact, Peter went on to express his conviction that it was proper for him to spend the remainder of his life putting the Church in remembrance of things that should never be forgotten. Those that did forget were described as spiritually blind, and as those unto whom the significance of forgiveness of sins was no longer remembered. However, through the prophet Hosea, God warned His people that they and their children would be forgotten of Him if they forgot the Law of their God.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater