Daily Lift – December 19, 2018

Better to be Needed Than Thanked

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The kingdoms of the earth have all been characterized by inferiors and superiors, and by authorities and subordinates. Perhaps this is why the disciples of the Savior thought such things would characterize His Kingdom as well. However, the Lord taught at the Eighteenth of Matthew that it would be the humble who are the greatest in the Kingdom, adding at Matthew Twenty-Three that the Kingdom’s greatest would be servants. Even so, service rendered should be with neither the expectation of gratitude nor of favors returned. After satisfying his thirst, a man may turn his back on the well from which he drank, and gratitude can have a short memory. For these causes, improperly motivated service is ill rewarded. Rather, the Savior taught us at Luke Fourteen to offer the benefit of our hospitality to those who cannot repay the favor, for the recompense at the resurrection of the just is sufficient. Not only is it more blessed to give than to receive, but it is also better to be needed than thanked.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater