Daily Lift – December 2, 2020

While the Men Slept

At the Thirteenth of Matthew’s Gospel, the Savior related a parable of a man whose enemy sowed tares in his wheat field. The cruelty of such a thing lies in the fact that tares resemble wheat early in their growth, and it is not until they have matured that their true nature is known. Their ingestion can result in lethargy, illness, or death. The man did well to sow the good wheat but failed to protect it from an enemy’s attack. Though, ultimately, the wheat would be harvested while the tares would be destroyed, a man does well to not only start his work, but to finish it, and to never regard previous accomplishments to suffice for the present. It should be noted that the tares were sown while the men slept.

Written by David Hayes Prophater

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