Daily Lift – December 20, 2016

Therefore I esteem all thy precepts concerning all things to be right; and I hate every false way (Psalm 119:128).

A bystander is someone who is present at an event but does not get involved. The bystander effect refers to a situation where the more bystanders there are, the less likely anyone will come to the aid of someone in trouble.

We admire those who take a stand, get involved, and are really for something. The Psalm reminds us that the man or woman of God is not only for something, the precepts, all the precepts of God, but that as a result that same servant of God will hate every false way. There is no room for the bystander who tries to be neutral about anything that God teaches. The psalmist is for everything that God is for, and against everything God is against.

The bystander effect may keep us from saying, “Here am I; send me” (Isaiah 6:8), but not if we love God’s precepts.

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