Daily Lift – December 20, 2018

Without Spot and Blameless

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When it is learned that company is coming to visit on short notice, it is not uncommon for someone to get quickly busy cleaning and organizing the house. One might do so because of a desire to offer visitors the very best available as welcomed and honored guests. On the other hand, one my simply not want visitors to see their house in its usual condition. Suppose, though, it is the Lord that is coming, and not just for a visit; and, by the way, He is. Are we content for Him to find our spiritual house in the usual condition to which we have becomes accustomed? Second Peter Chapter Three assures us of His coming indeed. Because we know this, Peter asks us to consider what manner of persons we ought to be in holiness and godliness. Each day, creation has hastened closer to its ultimate demise than the day before. It is only proper that every day be characterized with a diligent effort to maintain peace with God; without spot, and blameless.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater