Daily Lift – December 22, 2019

Withhold Nothing

The Twenty-Fourth of Leviticus records Jehovah’s ordinance concerning the placement of shewbread upon a table in the Holy Place of the Tabernacle, and, later, the Temple. There were to be twelve loaves placed there each Sabbath, after which the replaced loaves were for the priests’ consumption. The people of Israel were responsible for the provision of the loaves. Failure to provide the bread or to offer tithes was regarded at the Third of Malachi to be robbery of God, Who promised a generous blessing if Israel brought the tithes that were due and provided the required food to His house. Similarly, the Twelfth of Romans requires of us to present ourselves as living sacrifices unto God. As before, God will bless above our ability to contain if we withhold nothing.

Written by David Hayes Prophater