Daily Lift – December 23, 2018

Their Own Worst Enemy

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When a person’s life becomes unpleasant, it is not uncommon to place the blame on someone or something else. However, it is also not uncommon for one to become his own worst enemy. Though he may look elsewhere for the cause of his difficulty, the true blame may well be his own. At the Fifty Fifth of Isaiah, God speaks through that prophet to communicate much the same message to the ancient people Israel. Their waywardness is described as spending money on what is not bread; their spiritual hunger cannot be satisfied by an ungodly approach to life. They were asked again why they labored for that which cannot fulfill their need, but only increase it. It appears that they were insistent upon diffing the hole of their spiritual despair even deeper. In the stead of all this, Israel is called upon to eat the spiritual bread that is good by hearkening diligently unto their God. If they would, their souls would delight in fatness. To be sure, they whose friend is not God are their own worst enemy.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater