Daily Lift – December 27, 2019

Ignorance of the Athenians

The apostle Paul emphatically pointed out the important spiritual matters of which the Athenians had been ignorant and warned them that God would no longer overlook such ignorance as He had in the past. Though the Gospel began to be preached in Jerusalem and Judea, it was sent unto the uttermost parts of the earth. In keeping with the commission the Savior gave the apostles, Paul preached before a Grecian audience at the Seventeenth of Acts and admonished them that God commanded all men everywhere to repent. A day had been appointed, Paul warned, in which the Lord would judge the world in righteousness by Jesus Christ, by Whose resurrection He had made spiritual and eternal assurance available to all men. Such assurance could not be enjoyed while practicing the ignorance of the Athenians.

Written by David Hayes Prophater