Daily Lift – December 5, 2018

Quiet from Fear of Evil

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The more grows the earth’s population, the more scarce becomes the precious treasure of quietness. Yet, even the authorities recognize the importance of quiet’s preservation, for ordinances remain in effect prohibiting the disturbance of the peace. The latter is so necessary to the former that they are typically spoken in tandem, as peace and quiet. The definition of it varies, as do the means of achieving it. In both the First and Second Thessalonian epistles, Paul wrote that quietness is the result of one’s attention to his own business, and the enjoyment of the fruits of the same. At First Timothy Two, Paul wrote again that peace and quiet are benefits of prayer offered on behalf of everyone, including governmental officials. Speaking of the wisdom of the Lord as if it were a personality, Solomon wrote at the close of Proverbs One that whoever hearkened unto it would dwell safely, and would be quiet from fear of evil.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater