Daily Lift – December 8, 2018

Grace of the Saved

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Fame and fortune are often spoken in tandem as if they belonged together like bacon and eggs. Perhaps this is because many who desire one also desire the other and pursue them as a set. However, both merit words of caution. For example, his fame has become infamy who is more remembered for his poor reputation than his righteous life. It is far better to be recalled as an example of faith like those of Hebrews Eleven than as those of ungodly deeds of the Book of Jude. Wealth has been well possessed by those such as Job. Yet, Paul admonished Timothy that the root of all evil is the love of money, and that those who will make its accumulation the theme of their lives are exposing themselves to temptations, snares, lusts, and destruction. The Savior taught us that the far better investment is the eternal and heavenly treasure that is both incorruptible and safe from plunder. Depending upon their type and form, fame and fortune are either the curse of the lost or the grace of the saved.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater