Daily Lift – February 04, 2017

Genesis chapter nineteen chronicles the arrival of a pair of heavenly messengers at the city of Sodom. Their purpose had been to witness the evil of the place, which evil had made it’s reputation known even in heaven itself. Upon their arrival, the only righteous individuals they found there were the family of Lot, a nephew of Abraham. It’s interesting to note that at the close of chapter eighteen, Abraham had bargained with the Lord for the sparing of Sodom, pleading that the righteous should not be destroyed with the wicked. God responded favorably to Abraham’s petition, stating that He would not destroy it should He find as few as ten righteous people there. Amazingly there were not even so many as ten in Sodom whom the Lord would have considered righteous. Almost as amazing is the fact that out of an entire city, the integrity of only ten Godfearing people could have preserved it. That fact has often made me to consider by what a fine and narrow margin our homeland may be still preserved. The presence of evil amoung us is so great that it is difficult at times to note the good that still exists. Thank God, though, for those that do still fear Him, for were it not for the sake of them, perhaps our home would not be preserved either. Instead, the children of God might be hastened away to safety as was Lot, his two daughters, and his wife, who were told not even to look back behind them as the city they had called home went up as the smoke of a furnace. So complete and uncompromising should be the separation of God’s people from that which is evil that Lot and his family were commanded not even to look back behind them as they fled from Sodom and across the plain. For reasons we may never fully know nor understand, Lot’s wife disobeyed those Divine instructions and looked back behind her. As a result, she became a pillar of salt. At Luke chapter seventeen, Jesus spoke of what seems to be both the destruction of Jerusalem and His own second coming in terms that seem to use one to illustrate the other, and vice-versa. There, he illustrated both with the destruction of Sodom, and, at verse thirty-two, He simply said, “Remember Lot’s wife.” Knowing as we do that the world and it’s evil shall pass away, let us hasten away from it and escape, never looking back, for we do indeed remember Lot’s wife.


Written and Recorded By: David Hayes Prophater