Daily Lift – February 06, 2017

The fifth chapter of Matthew begins the record of what we have commonly called Jesus’ "Sermori on the Mount." The sermon opens with what we have titled the "Beatitudes," so named because of the Divine blessing promised to those who possess those characteristics named therein. Let’s examine them briefly together. The kingdom of heaven is promised to the poor in spirit; that is, those who are self denying and lack haughtiness. Those in mourning are promised comfort; many who lack the qualities examined here don’t even realize a need for mourning. The meek will inherit the earth. The greedy and materialistic waste their lives trying to gain the world. The meek realize that God has already provided it for them. Those hungering and thirsting after righteousness are those trying to develop the character here described. With God’s grace they’ll be filled, and what they may lack in the earnest effort will also be supplied, again, by Divine grace. The merciful are promised to receive mercy; that, because the unmerciful and unforgiving will be denied by God that which they have denied their fellow man. The pure in heart will see God because men become what they are in heart. The impure are separated from God here and here after. Peacemakers are called the children of God. Since Christ is the Prince of Peace, those disturbing the spiritual peace are most unlike any of the children of God. Those persecuted for righteousness sake are also promised the kingdom of heaven. Their dedication is certainly evidenced, and Satan has been harmed by their effectiveness. Those so suffering are advised to rejoice, for they’re in good company. The prophets of God which went before have also suffered such things. All these so described are promised blessing of God Who bestows His favor on those who seek Him while yet they abide in this world, and in Him they inherit all things in the world to come.

Written and Recorded By: David Hayes Prophater