Daily Lift – February 07, 2017

At Second Peter chapter one, this apostle began at verse one to address his epistle to “those who have obtained like precious faith with us through the righteousness of God and our Saviour Jesus Christ”. Concerning the faith of .the apostles or any New Testament Christian, Paul wrote at ‘Ephesians chapter four, verse five, that this faith is singular in nature in the same sense that the Lord is one. However, in this age of religious diversity, one might ask, “Of what faith are you?” This, of course, means “Of what denomination are you a member?” Men speak of “faiths” as if there were many, while the scriptures teach us of a faith that is quite singular in it’s nature, and certainly not diverse. Faiths which spring from the doctrines and commandments of men cannot be the one faith which results from belief in the Word of God and it alone, and these diverse faiths cannot possibly be the “like precious faith” that New Testament Christians shared with Peter and the rest of the apostles. You see, this faith came by the righteousness of God. Peter’s necessary implication is that the diverse faiths resulting from men’s doctrines are not according to the righteousness of God. Further, faiths plural in nature and number would not be “like” the faith of which Peter wrote. He addressed his letter to those who had obtained “like precious faith.” Another faith couldn’t be like his. It is in this context of faith that Peter, at verse two, wishes upon Christians the multiplication of grace and peace through the knowledge of God and Jesus Christ. It should be noted that this grace and peace is only possible by knowing God and His Son; not just knowing who They are, but knowing them as in a personal acquaintance. There are many people whose names you may know, and about whom you may even know a few facts, but yet without really knowing that person. Let me encourage you to gain multiplied grace and peace by truly knowing God, and partaking of the one true faith of New Testament Christianity. This is the faith that even the apostles enjoyed, and it is precious indeed.


Written and Recorded By: David Hayes Prophater