Daily Lift – February 10, 2020

The Blood of the Savior

At the Ninth of Genesis, God declared that he would require the life of man or beast for the taking of the life of a human being. If the protecting of physical life is this important to the Creator, how much more important must be the preservation of spiritual life? Though it is appointed unto men to die and to enter ultimate judgment, God’s purpose for man is not that he should perish but inherit everlasting life. The end of our terrestrial days, therefore, should be regarded as passing from one stage of life unto the next and never as a final demise. The blood of innumerable animals was shed in sacrifice prior to the Christian dispensation, and at last was shed the blood of Christ once for all. For the life of man was given first the blood of beasts and finally that of the Savior.

Written by David Hayes Prophater