Daily Lift – February 11, 2021

Anchor the Soul in Hope

At the Sixth of Deuteronomy, God coupled the fear of Him with the use of His Name in the swearing of oaths. However, Jehovah stipulated at the Nineteenth of Leviticus that one must not profane the Name of God, nor by it to falsely swear. Because humanity did apparently prove to be a careless steward of the reverent use of the Lord’s Name, the Savior forbade man to swear at all at the Fifth of Matthew’s Gospel. However, the Almighty may invoke His own Name as He pleases, and, at the Sixth of Hebrews, His immutable counsel regarding promises fulfilled in Jesus Christ is shown to be confirmed by an equally immutable and Divine oath. Because God cannot lie, either would have been more than sufficient. Hence, redeemed humanity may anchor its soul in hope.

Written by David Hayes Prophater

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